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Bill Leeming is a professional naturalist and environmental columnist. From an early age he was fascinated with the natural world and began to study it closely. This fascination stayed with him as he progressed through college. While majoring in business he studied microbiology at night school. He has traveled Northern Ontario extensively as well as other select parts of the globe, exploring these regions on foot and by aircraft. He has spoken on behalf of our country's wildlife on various radio and television stations and in front of audiences with other leaders in the environmental field. Mr. Leeming is proud to have been involved with a television special examining and exposing the poaching trade. He continues to actively write and speak on wildlife and environmental issues.

Bill has been up close and personal with rattlesnakes, timber wolves, bears and numerous other creatures great and small.  For over 20 years he has studied, interacted, observed and written about a variety of North American/Canadian wildlife species. He has examined scorpions in the mountains of Mexico, counted wolf and moose from helicopters in Canada's far north, trained as a park warden/peace officer, and raised two wolf hybrids that were given to him as pups, (all done legally with proper permission from the Ontario MNR - Ministry of Natural Resources).  For many years he wrote wildlife articles for newspapers and magazines and has spoken with some of the countries leading wildlife experts. In addition, Leeming also co-authored a paper with the late famous author and biologist R.D. Lawrence, for the federal government, on wildlife and wildlands protection in Canada. On the creative side, Leeming also developed, designed and published Eco-Tour Magazine which Dr. David Suzuki wrote the foreward for, as well as being an article contributor.

Bill has spoken at the Midhurst Education Centre, the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre, Hamilton Spectator Auditorium, numerous High Schools, Cedar Brook Nature Centre, Fundy Zoological Trust, and Wildfire Outdoor Education Centre amongst others. He has attended numerous environmental studies and biology lectures at York University.

He has appeared on A-Channel television, Global television, City TV Toronto, and CTV as well as numerous cable stations.

Without a doubt, Bill Leeming has tirelessly spoken out and defended wildlife over the years at speaking engagements, on television and radio, and in print.  He is not afraid to challenge controversial wildlife management issues - a task which he presently continues to do.

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