Hunting Issues

The Canned Kill

In the past I was informed about a network of farms in the United States and Canada which cater to a segment of the hunting public.

NOTE: (I should mention that many hunters are angered and disgusted with this type of activity and agree that it is unethical and improper hunting.)

The farms are kept secret, and understandably so, since many of them use endangered and exotic species like tigers, cougars, panthers and leopards as targets for hunters. The hunters who use these farms are specifically after exotic big game animals.

Morons bring destruction on wildlife

The time has come to voice my concern over a situation that’s getting out of hand. The following list mentions only a few examples of a much larger and more widespread problem.

1) While attending a get-together last week the host informed me she and her husband had found, while snowmobiling, an injured Great Horned owl sitting in the snow on the edge of a pond about 20 metres to one side of the trail. They stopped their machines and walked over to the owl, which began hopping away, frantically flapping its huge wings in an effort to get airborne. They noticed the horribly damaged wing and deduced that the owl had been shot. This majestic and beautiful creature was now reduced to a mangled, crippled and starving mess. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe this is a game species

The Spring Bear Hunt

The following document was written a number of years ago, but with the recent talk amongst some people and grumblings from a particular hunting lobby group about reintroducing the spring bear hunt, I thought it would be prudent to re-publish this article which was written and published just prior to the Spring Bear Hunt cancellation.

On occasion over the last few years, I have discussed the issue of spring bear hunting with Ron, a well-known and respected wildlife biologist and author of over 21 books.

We both oppose spring bear hunting for several reasons and feel that it should be banned outright.


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